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2011 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition

The 2011 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition was held
in conjunction with the 63rd EERI Annual Meeting on February 10-12
at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego, California.

Twenty-eight teams competed, including three international teams.
The professionalism, hard work, and innovation of all students made this year's event a towering success. The SLC would like to congratulate all participants of the 2011 competition!

We hope to see you in Tennessee year at the 2012 Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition!

2011 SDC Champions: Oregon State University

Congratulations to the top three teams, who had the highest annual revenue, as determine by cost performance, oral presentation, poster, workmanship, and architectural design.

1st: Oregon State University
2nd: California Polytechnic State University, SLO 3rd: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

RankingTeam NamePrize
1Oregon State University$500
2California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo$300
3University of Illinois Urbana Champaign$200

Thirteen judges scored the presentation and architectural appeal of the structures: Thalia Anagnos (San Francisco State University), Jack Baker (Stanford University), Jay Berger (EERI), Svetlana Brzev (British Columbia Institute of Technology), Heidi Faison (PEER), Jon Keech (Digitexx), Anne Lemnitzer (CSU Fullerton), Bret Lizundia (Rutherford and Chekene), Mark Mahoney (FEMA), Farzad Naeim (John A. Martin), Chris Poland (Degenkolb), Lisa Star (UCLA), and Andreas Stavridis (UCSD).

2011 SDC Results Summary:

Sixteen structures survived all three ground motions: 1940 El Centro, 1994 Northridge, and GM3 (Davis).

RankingTeam Name 
1Oregon State Universityphoto video
2California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispophoto video
3University of Illinois Urbana Champaignphoto video
4University of Southern Californiaphoto video
5California Polytechnic University, Pomonaphoto video
6Brigham Young Universityphoto video
7Penn State Universityphoto video
8UC Davisphoto video
9San Jose State Universityphoto video
10University of Texas, Austinphoto video
11UC San Diegophoto video
12California State University, Fullertonphoto video
13UC Irvinephoto video
14UC Berkeleyphoto video
15California State University, Los Angelesphoto video
16Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romaniaphoto video

The remaining structures survived El Centro and Northridge, but collapsed during GM3.

RankingTeam Name 
17University of Nebraska-Lincolnphoto video
18Johns Hopkins Universityphoto video
19University of British Columbiaphoto video
20Roger Williams Universityphoto video
21Purdue Universityphoto video
22Georgia Institute of Technologyphoto video
23San Francisco State Universityphoto video
24University of Missouriphoto video
25UC Los Angelesphoto video
26University at Buffalophoto video
27Universiti Teknologi Malaysiaphoto video
28University of Massachusetts Amherstphoto video

The full results can be downloaded here: 2011 SDC Competition Scores
The judge score summary can be downloaded here: 2011 SDC Judge Results
Predicted/actual structural responses can be downloaded here: 2011 SDC Predicted/Actual

2011 SDC Special Awards:

Charles Richter Award for the Spirit of the Competition:       UC Davis

The most well known earthquake magnitude scale is the Richter scale which was developed in 1935 by Charles Richter, of the California Institute of Technology. In honor of his contribution to earthquake engineering, the team which best exemplifies the spirit of the competition is awarded the Charles Richter Award for the Spirit of Competition.

Honorable Mention Nominees:          Penn State University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Egor Popov Award for Structural Innovation:       Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Egor Popov had been a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley for almost 55 years before he passed away in 2001. Popov conducted research that led to many advances in seismic design of steel frame connections and systems, including eccentric bracing. In honor of his contribution to structural and earthquake engineering, the team which makes the best use of technology and/or structural design to resist seismic loading is awarded the Egor Popov Award for Structural Innovation.

Honorable Mention Nominee:          UC Davis

Fazlur Khan Award for Architectural Design:       San Jose State University

As a Structural Engineer Fazlur Khan played a central role behind the "Second Chicago School" of Architecture in the 1960's and is regarded as the "Father of tubular design for high-rise buildings". In honor of his contribution to Structural Engineering and Architecture Design of high-rise buildings, the team whose building provides a remarkable expression of architecture design and inherently integrates a sound structural design will be awarded the Fazlur Khan Award for Architectural Design.

Honorable Mention Nominees:          Brigham Young University, California Polytechnic University, Pomona

Spirit: UC Davis Innovation: Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania Architecture: San Jose State University

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the 2011 SDC!

Sponsors 2011

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